What Vitamins Fight Cancer? The Simple Answer

Let’s talk about the best vitamins to fight Cancer

Do Vitamins Fight Cancer? We talk about the best vitamins to fight cancer and food to get when next you go grocery shopping.

Cancer is a menace in today’s world, it’s so terrible that we won’t talk about its’ negativity here; rather, we will focus on how to beat it.

Best Vitamins to Fight Cancer

Some foods cause cancer and you should try to cut those out of your daily diet. (Read more about cancer causing foods)

The vitamins we will discuss are what you need to consciously try to increase their intake in your diet if you are looking to prevent cancer, or you are currently in treatment for cancer, or you’ve already defeated cancer and want to prevent the cancer cells re-growing.

We look at the ways that these vitamins help to fight cancer, the types of cancer they fight, and the body of evidence supporting these vitamins to be anti-cancer. Also, we examine the natural sources of these vitamins and how they can be incorporated into diets, to get them as close to natural as possible.

Best vitamins to Fight Cancer and their Sources

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble prohormones that the body can easily turn into a hormone.

When the body is exposed to sunlight, the body can make all the quantity of this vitamin that you’ll need. This is why it is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”.

This is a vitamin that has long been suspected to be an anti-cancer vitamin according to the latest scientific studies on cancer.

Sources of vitamin D

The primary source of this vital vitamin is through exposure to sunlight. As a result of this, it is recommended by experts that you should get at least 5-30 minutes of sun exposure twice in a week.

But this duration of recommended “sun time” would vary due to some factors like age, BMI (Body Mass Index), location, and skin color.

However, if your sun-time is limited due to your location or your skin color, there are other options in foods like eggs, fortified milk, and tuna fish.

What is the link between vitamin D and cancer?

When earlier studies were showing lower rates of certain cancer types among individuals residing in an area of a relatively high level of sunlight exposure (the ultimate source of vitamin D), the attention of cancer experts started turning to vitamin D’s usage in both the prevention and fight against cancer.

This research found that women of over 55 years of age with body vitamin D levels higher than 40ng/ml had a 67% lower risk of cancer compared to women with body vitamin D level lower than 20ng/ml.

Also, this 2015 study that conducted a nested case-control study with 274 colorectal cancer cases and 274 controls concluded that there is 55% lower risk of colorectal cancer in participants that has vitamin D levels of 30ng/ml or more when compared with women with vitamin D levels lower than 18ng/ml.


Also, vitamin D has been found to decrease cancer cell growth, reduce tumor blood vessel formation, and promote cellular differentiation in cancer studies carried out on rats.

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What Vitamins Fight Cancer? The Simple Answer

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