Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa Everyone should See

South Africa is one of the most amazing places you could ever hope to visit.

Truth be told, of all the countries you could visit in Africa, very few compare to the utterly beguiling tourist attractions in South Africa.

The World in One Country

She just seems to have it all. Wildlife (Safari), mountains, beaches, sunshine, history, horse rides, whale watching, beautiful women (what? why you staring at me like that?), superb wine, sumptuous meals and a whole lot more.


South Africa is one of the most amazing places you could ever hope to visit.

And it’s not just about the tourist attractions in the country, or the remarkably fascinating infrastructure, it’s about the people as well.

South Africans are….

A friendly bunch!

Before we go for the hill.

I’d love your advice on a personal problem.

I don’t know how to woo a woman.

While I’ve had a lot of luck with some very wonderful women, I have to tell you that all those relationships (which weren’t even semi-serious) happened by pure natural attraction.

I didn’t even have to spin a good yarn or move an emotional muscle.

I have now decided to know what it feels like to actually woo a woman.

If you’ve got any ideas, don’t say it in the comment section (that’d be inappropriate), kindly send me an email and I’d be very grateful.


Listen buddy, I don’t intend to take you round circles and pyramids, so I’ll just proceed and give you what you came here for.

Start your engines my friend, light your cigarettes and sit tight.

I want to suggest to you some of the best tourist attractions in South Africa.

Here we go.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Did you know that South Africa is…

Twice the size of France?

I just looked it up on Google and France is approximately 551,500 sq km, while South Africa is over one million square kilometers –approximately 1,219,090 sq km to be exact.

But the funny statistic about this little fact is that more people live in France.

I urge you to Google the population of South Africa and run it side by side the population of France.

Anyway, let’s proceed and talk about why you should visit…

Cape Town and its environs

If you’re looking to get as close as possible to South Africa’s turbulent history (politically and culturally), then Cape Town is the place to start.

There are other reasons Cape Town is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa and some of those include her mild climate and outstanding scenery.

Cape, Town
Cape Town is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa because of her mild climate and outstanding scenery.

Take the Table Mountain for example.

The experience of reaching the peak of the 3,563 ft mountain is as thrilling as…

Mind shattering sex!

I kid you not!

You have the option of a five-minute cable car ride or a day’s hike up to the distinctive flat top which is where the Table Mountain gets its name from.

As you ride up, pay attention to just how spectacular the view is. And when you actually get to the peak, there’s a self-service restaurant waiting for you.

Then there’s Robben Island.

Located right off the coast of Cape Town, Robben Island remains one of South Africa’s (and Cape Town’s) most popular tourist attractions, But I have to tell you, it is not a site for fun lovers or good-time seekers.

Robben Island - Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa
Robben Island | Credit:

Robben Island isn’t just a UNESCO world heritage site, it is also an emotional pilgrimage to the former penal colony.

The trip lasts around 120-minutes and it includes a drive around the Island and a visit to the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for.

Eighteen years!

Most of the tour guides you’ll encounter are former prison inmates who of course, are always on hand to give you an honest-to-God account of prison life back then.

A trip to the Island sure does leave you melancholic –but in a good way.


Have you ever wondered why there’s so much excitement about sunbathing or walking on a beach with penguins on it?

I’ll tell you.

It’s because there aren’t too many places in the world where you can find a beach with penguins. At the Boulders beach penguin colony in Cape Town, there are over 2,000 of them and since the first two settled in 1982, the penguins have become accustomed to having humans around.

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony - Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa
Boulders Beach Penguin Colony |

They make great company, as long as…

You don’t scare them

What else?

Are there other incredibly fascinating places to see in Cape Town?

Yes, my dear friend.

And here are a few suggestions.

  • Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
  • Bo-kaap
  • Clifton beach
  • Castle of Good Hope
  • Muizenberg beach

But there’s a South Africa beyond Cape Town.

And very shortly I’m going to tell you why.

But first, I need to share a few things with you. Facts I’ve learned about South Africa that should interest anyone who intends to know more about what is arguably…

The Most Developed Country in Africa

Numero uno is the simple fact that South Africa is the only country in the world to have produced two Nobel prize winners from the same street (Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu had houses on Vilakazi in Soweto).

Secondly, and you may not know it, but with very optimal climate conditions, the Southern African country is the second largest fruit producer in the world.

Thirdly, South Africa is extremely rich in mining and produces around 41% of all the gold on planet earth.

And above all, the very first heart transplant was performed in South Africa –on Louis Washkansky, a Lithuanian Jew migrant who succumbed to pneumonia 18-days after the renowned transplant.

But I digress.

Let’s switch routes and focus on…

Other Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most luxurious game reserves, so perhaps, the Kruger National park would be an idea place to start.

Steeped in legend and history, the world-renowned game reserve offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the very best in Africa and the rest of the world.

Kruger National Park -Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa
Kruger National Park | Credit:

The landscapes are vast and the wildlife is spectacular.

And here’s why:

You can take a journey of exploration that allows you discover and experience the uniqueness of Africa’s big five:

Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and…

That beast of a Buffalo

If you’re traveling with your kids, then you have nothing to worry about because the family tours in Kruger provide options and tailored programs for kids of all ages.

What in the world am I hearing?

You say it’s just a honeymoon with your spouse?

You’re in luck then.

Because the Kruger Park honeymoon packages are designed to help you create timeless memories with your husband or wife, depending where you reside in…

The gender neighborhood

Actually, I meant male, female, transgender etc.


Here’s a few things that will make your trip to Kruger Park a memorable one:

  • Classic Safari tours
  • Romantic Safari
  • Premier Safari collection
  • Family Safari holiday
  • Popular Safaris
  • Country lodging and hotel
  • Fully guided Safari
  • A self-drive Safari (you get a Kruger National park map that makes it easy to drive down from Johannesburg and find your way around the Kruger Park)

But if you’ve always had the deep-seated belief that touring a game reserve will somehow triple your chances of being eaten alive by a hungry wild animal, and if you ain’t afraid of heights, then you should…

Consider the Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal

Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal
Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal

Another tourist attractions in South Africa is the Jaw-dropping beauty on earth known as Drakensberg.

I’ve been told, and I believe it, that…

Drakensberg translates to Dragon mountains.

That’s what it means.

The spectacular Drakensberg is home to South Africa’s highest peaks.

Also, this is where you find the awe-inspiring Amphitheatre, the source of South Africa’s main rivers –you’ll sure find the fast-flowing rivers, crystal clear streams and gushing waterfalls absolutely mind-blowing.

Then of course, your experience of the Drakensberg wouldn’t be complete without the rock climbs, mountain hikes, and hot air balloon rides that will definitely take your breath away and…

Sweep you off your feet!

But that’s not all.

The 200km-long range of mountains is one of the oldest in the world and it comprises of waterfalls, hiking routes, beautiful cliffs and alluring forests.

You also get the opportunity to see some of the 290 bird and 48 mammal species.

The dramatic topography and unbeatable tour experience of the Drakensberg is worth every cent of your money, but if you’d love to….

Come face to face with a MONSTROUS White Shark;

You really should drop everything you’re doing and start making plans to go experience a cage dive with great white sharks.

Here’s how it works.

You go to a place like Cape Town (I know, we’ve talked about CT already but I’d be doing you a great injustice if I failed to bring this up) –and locate tour operators who organize shark cage dives in places like Gansbaai –the Great white shark capital of the world.

Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa Everyone should See
Gansbaai – The Great White Shark Capital of the World | Credit:

You’ll be enclosed in a custom designed thick iron cage, which is plunged into the ocean where you can look a great white shark in the eye and confess all the…

Things you did when no one was looking

I’m serious, you really should give it a shot.

Unlike your ex, Sharks don’t gossip.

Your secrets will be safe.

And the good thing is, you don’t even need a diving certification.

You’re also allowed to watch all the action live from a boat, but you know of course, that nothing beats immersing yourself totally in the adventures of life.

You know, much of what I’ve shared with you thus far bothers on the natural uniqueness of South Africa. But I figured maybe it’s time to talk about…

The largest city in all of South Africa.

And here’s why:

This city is called Johannesburg.

But the most important thing you should know about Jo’burg is that it is without doubt…

The economic heartbeat of South Africa

You remember how some paragraphs ago, I told you that South Africa produces over 40% of the gold in the world?

Well, Johannesburg is largely where all that precious metal comes from.

Some of the top tourist attractions in this City of Gold include

  • The Apartheid Museum
  • Gold Reef City
  • Constitution hill
Apartheid Museum
Apartheid Museum

Apart from gold, incredible marine animals and exciting wild life, South Africa also promises a wonderful tour experience for….

Students of beer!

When you tour the Newlands brewery, you’ll be taken behind the scenes of one of the finest breweries on the continent.

From the production line to the speedy bottling method, you’ll see just how meticulous and stringent the art of brewing good beer can be.

I know what you’re thinking buddy, don’t worry, you also get two beers and a tasting. It is, after all, one of the eternal traditions of breweries.

The Newlands brewery is located in Cape Town.

Hold on a millisecond.

You say you’re not a drunkard? And that you couldn’t care less about beer?

Okay, how about….

Going Underground?

You say you’d love that?

Then you have no reason whatsoever not to visit the Cango Caves.

And here’s why.

The Cango Caves have been around for more than 20-million years (go on, verify it via Google) and they consist of a fascinating progression of hidden chambers which cut deeply into a solid limestone layer.

All of which sounds like Greek to you and I.

But my point is, the experience of touring the Cango Caves is almost unbeatable.

We’re not done yet.

Not by a long shot.

If you’re a history buff, then the Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal are a must see.

Specialist tour operators are always on ground to organize a coach trip for you. But if you choose to tour the KZN battlefields alone, all you’ll need is….

A Good roadmap

My good friend, I thank you for your courtesy.

But before I let you go, there’s one more tourist attraction of significance that symbolizes South Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world and it’s no other than….

The Nelson Mandela Capture Site.

This is where you find an imposing steel sculpture of the immortal Nelson Mandela and believe me, the optical illusion is…

Beyond clever!

Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa Everyone should See
Nelson Mandela Capture Site| Credit:

From a distance, what you see is 50 steel poles with varying heights, but as you draw closer, the poles begin to transform into a perfect image of Nelson Mandela.

But that’s not the best part.

Entrance to the Nelson Mandela capture site is…

As free as the air you breathe

We have now reached the end.

And I’d like to wrap it up by suggesting a few other tourist attractions in South Africa that will be give you value for your hard-earned money.

Blyde River Canyon
Blyde River Canyon
  • Gateway theatre of shopping
  • Valley of a thousand hills
  • uShaka marine world
  • Moses Mabhida stadium
  • Blyde River Canyon
  • The palace of the lost city
  • Voortrekker monument
  • Montecasino
  • Nelson Mandela square
  • Lion park
  • Newton cultural precinct
  • Gold Reef City,
  • Franschhoek Motor museum and
  • The Apartheid museum

That’s it, there you have the top tourist attractions in South Africa.

I am certain you have penciled down where you’d visit when next you visit the rainbow country.

Until next time, I remain…

I don’t remain anything.

Just take care, and travel safe.

I’m out.

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Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa Everyone should See

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