Dog Fact: 10 Things You Should Know

For you avid dog lovers, here are some facts don’t know about your beloved four legged companions.

Dogs are amazing creatures who have been companions to man for thousands of years. From hunting lions to herding sheep to being used as therapy animals, having the title man’s best friend of all the other domesticated animals is definitely well deserved by these remarkable canines.

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The unconditional love, affection and loyalty they display towards their human family is heartwarming.

So for all you avid dog lovers out there, here are some facts you ought to know about your beloved four legged companions.

Did You Know Dogs Dream like People?

Researchers have found that dogs and humans have similar sleep patterns and brain activity and small breeds tend to dream more often than large breeds. So if you see your pooch twitching while asleep chances are they are dreaming.


Your Dog are as Smart as a Two Year old

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Chances are your toddler and dog are at par when it comes to intelligence, according to canine researcher and author Stanley Coren dogs can count, understand over 150 words and can trick people and other dogs to get treats.

Intelligence varies depending on breed with border collies being the smartest.

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Tail Wagging has its Own Language

Not all tail wags are the same when it comes to dogs, the fact your pooches tail is wagging double time doesn’t mean he’s happy to see you, according to LifeScience, when dogs wag their tails to the right, it’s an indication they are happy and when it’s down to the left, it could well mean they are frightened, this happens because the brain’s right hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and the left hemisphere does same to the opposite side of the body.

Low tail wagging can mean they’re insecure and rapid tail wagging with tense muscles and dilated pupils can be a sign of aggression.


Puppies are born Blind and Deaf

According to psychology today,new born dogs are still developing so their ear canals and eyes are still closed, most puppies open their eyes and respond to noise from about 2 weeks of age.


Dogs have a “Sixth Sense”

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In a poll taken in 2010, 67% of pet owners reported their pets acting strangely before a storm and 43% said their pets acted strangely before something bad happened.

Top clues includes whining, erratic behavior or trying to hide in a safe place.

Some have even reported dogs to sense illnesses, like cancer.

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They only have Sweat Glands in their Paws

Dogs sweat out of the pads of their paws but the main way of cooling down is by panting.


…. and they only Mate twice a Year

Dogs that haven’t been spayed(this is to sterilize a female animal by removing the ovaries) go into heat only twice a year and can have litters of 5-6 puppies though size of the litter depends on size of the breed.


It’s not Abnormal for Dogs to eat Fecal Matter

Dogs often eat their own poop and other types of poop but though it might seem gross, according to the ASPCA it’s perfectly normal stemming from their pre-domestication days thousands of years ago. More common in puppies,older dogs usually grow out of it,though some do it into adulthood.


No Two Dog Noses are the Same

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A dogs nose is the equivalent of a human finger print, with each having unique pattern of ridges and creases.


The Smell center of a Dogs Brain is 40 Times larger than Yours

You’ve probably noticed your dog can pick a scent from afar – that’s because they have millions of scent receptors that is far greater than that of humans.

dachshund breed

Our nose averages five million scent receptors while the Dachshund breed, or what some call the Wiener dog has about 125 million, thus making them useful as detection dogs and they are known to sniff out explosives, drugs, dead bodies and more.

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A Dogs Unique Smell is Secreted in its Glands

Dogs scent glands are located in their backsides and they are notorious for sniffing each other there,its how they identify each other and also what they use to mark their territory.

Dogs have unique abilities, the question is did you explore them?

Below is a video of dogs doing Weird and Funny and Amazing Things.

Video Credit: MLC Drive

Yours can do amazing, unique and wonderful things too (okay, maybe not all the things in the video… lol) but only if you know how to explore it.

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Dog Fact: 10 Things You Should Know

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