Cheap Flight Tickets: 9 Little Known Tricks to get one now

Because we love you and don’t want you looking elsewhere for the best information, we’ve put together this 9 tips on how you can book yourself and your loved ones cheap flight tickets, when next you need one.

Booking cheap flight tickets online (or if you prefer with your agent) is a luxury many can only wish for, it is difficult and at times almost impossible with the continually unstable prices of airline tickets.

Because we love you and don’t want you looking elsewhere for the best information, we’ve put together this 9 tips on how you can book yourself and your loved ones cheap flight tickets, when next you need one.

Without wasting any time, let’s get straight to it.

Below are 9 ways people like you book cheap flight tickets daily.

1. Opt for Private Browsing Mode to guarante you book cheap flights

You would have discovered that the price of a flight ticket changes after a repeated search on the browser. The cookies in the browser has been programmed to increase flight prices when a specific destination is searched continuously. To book cheaper flight, search in incognito (chrome) or private browsing mode. Activating this browsing mode will ensure that your information is not tracked. As you continually search, the price would be the same.

If you are using Google Chrome or Safari to browse, incognito is activated by hitting Command (or “Control” if using PC), Shift, “N”. For Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, hit Command (or “Control” if using a PC), Shift, “P”.

2. Use Good Flight Search Engines – They are your best bet for Cheap Flight Tickets

Do you know that you can search about flights on a search engine that won’t inflate flight cost. There are a list of search engines that offer the best prices.

travelstart cheap flights
Book Cheap Flights on TravelStart
  • AirFare Watchdog
  • Skyscanner
  • Momondo
  • Cheapoair
  • JetRader

For those in Africa,

3. Know the Cheapest Day to Fly

Most people believe that booking a flight is cheaper on Tuesday. This is not totally true. Sometimes the flight might be cheaper on weekends and at other times, it could be cheaper on weekdays. The best way to know the day favorable for you is to know the prices for a whole month. With this, you can ascertain which day is cheaper.

Steps to know the cheapest day to fly

Go to the Skyscanner website or download the app on playstore

Enter your departure & arrival flight

Even if you are flying a round trip. Select “one way” option

If you are using a computer: click “Depart” but instead of entering a date, select “Whole Month”, and then “Cheapest Month”. This will enable you to check all dates to see which is cheapest, then select “Search flights”.

how to book cheap Flights

For the mobile app: Tap the departure date, then change the view to “Chart”. To find the cheapest date, swipe left and right and tap on one of the bars to see the price.

You can also use these steps listed above to book your return flight.

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4. Free Flights

You can sign up for just one travel rewards credit card and if you reach the minimum spend, you could get a major point bonus. This in turn would be enough for a free flight.

There are an airlines rewards card that earns you points, or a more general travel rewards card that allows you gather points across a variety of airlines. You can choose one of the options depending on what you want.

Johnny Jet, the author of You Are Here Traveling with The Ultimate Internet Travel Guide discussed the best cards for international travels on Forbes.

5. Budget Airlines guarantees you cheap flight tickets

Budget airlines usually do not provide the services associated with the full service airlines such as free food and drinks. However, you get to spend less if you travel with a budget airline.

Before booking a flight with these budget airlines, do an extensive research to know their requirements and restrictions.

Also do well to check the location of the airport and read the fine print. Some budget airline will charge you if you do not print your own ticket or obey their restrictions on height, weight and the number of bags allowed.

A few list of Budget Airlines you should check out according to TripSavvy.


  • Air Algerie (Algeria)
  • Air Bostwana (Bostwana)
  • Air Arabia Egypt (Egypt)
  • Antrak Air (Ghana)
  • Fly 540 (Kenya)
  • Libyan Airlines (Libya)
  • Royal Air Maroc (Morrocco)
  • Air Namibia (Namibia)
  • Dana Air and Overland Airways (Nigeria | Not necesarrily budget airlines these but they have the lowest fares)
  • Mango and Kulula (South Africa)
  • NouvelAir (Tunisia)


  • Spring Airlines (China)
  • Hong Kong Express (Hong Kong)
  • GoAir, IndiGo, SpiceJet, Jet Konnect, Air India Express and AirAsia India (India)
  • Lion Air, Citilink, Indonesia AirAsia and Tigerair Mandala (Indonesia)
  • Air Do, Jetstar Japan, Peach, Skymark Airlines, Solaseed Air, StarFlyer and Vanilla Air (Japan)
  • AirAsia Korea, Eastar Jet, Jeju Air and Jin Air (Republic of Korea)
  • AirAsia, Firefly and Malindo Air (Malaysia)
  • AirAsia Zest, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express and Tigerair Philippines (Philippines)
  • Jetstar Asia Airways, Tigerair and Scoot (Singapore)
  • Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Air, Nok Air, Orient Thai Airlines and City Airways (Thailand)


  • Jetstar Airways, Rex, Tigerair Australia and Virgin Blue


  • SmartWings (Czech Republic)
  • (France)
  • Germanwings (Germany)
  • Wizz Air (Hungary)
  • Ryanair (Ireland)
  • Air One and Blue Panorama Airlines (Italy)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway)
  • Blue Air (Romania)
  • Volotea and Vueling (Spain)
  • easyJet, Flybe and (United Kingdom)

Middle East:

  • Jazeera Airways (Kuwait)
  • Nas Air (Saudi Arabia)
  • Pegasus Airlines and SunExpress (Turkey)
  • Air Arabia and flydubai (UAE)

New Zealand:

  • Air2There and Air New Zealand

South America:

  • Amaszonas, Ocean Air and Voe Gol (Bolivia)
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines and Gol Transportes Aéreos (Brazil)
  • PAL Airlines and Sky Airline (Chile)
  • EasyFly and VivaColombia (Colombia)
  • TAME (Ecuador)
  • TAM Linha Aereas (Paraguay)
  • Peruvian Airlines and Star Perú (Peru)

North America:

  • Air Transat, Sunwing and WestJet (Canada)
  • Interjet, VivaAerobus and Volaris (Mexico)
  • AirTran Airways, Allegiant Air,
    Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines
    Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airlines and Virgin America (USA)

Travel Cheap, buy cheap tickets

6. Buy Flights Ticket in Bulk

If you buy a lot of flight ticket at the same time with the same airline, you will save cost. You can also book flights in bulk with round the world tickets and regional passes.

Airline alliances have special ticket offers that allow you to travel round the world on a lesser price thereby making your dream for cheap flight tickets a reality.

Don’t know how? Or need help on how to, head over for a tutorial on WikiHow.

7. Do not Wait to Book if you are Certain about Your Destination

The closer the date is to your departure, the higher the price of flight tickets. So if you are sure of your destination, you can book your flight a month before the departure date to save cost.

When you book early, you are certainly going to enjoy more than a cheap fare, you are certain seats will be available and most times, you get to pick the best seats.

Insider interviewed a flight attendent on the seat or if you would like “the best spot” to sit on a plane, the answers – as you would have guessed differs according to your preference(s). You should give it a read via the link.

booking a cheap flight

8. Local Airlines

Some of these local airlines offer flight ticket at a cheap rate. Most search engines do not usually include small airlines on their list especially in less popularly booked routes.

When you discover local airlines, check the company’s website to gather enough information about their flight ticket, how and when to book.

As well as the dos and don’ts in relation to luggage and everything related to your travels.

9. Paying in other currencies could be cheaper

Sometimes, paying for a flight ticket in other currencies could be cheaper.

Do well to find out if you can pay for the flight in other currency.

Using a credit card that is free of foreign transactions will help you save money, other wise you might end up spending more in an attempt to save money.

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For instance, If you’re travelling to the UK from New York and would prefer say British Airways, paying in Pounds will be your best option if you have a Pound Sterling domilciled card as you don’t have to pay the extra bank conversion fees that can be as high as 3-9% of your transaction sum.


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Cheap Flight Tickets: 9 Little Known Tricks to get one now

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