Blah Blah Blah Meme: The Funniest & the Not So Cool

Top blah blah blah meme on the internet.

Blah Blah Blah, this might turn out to be the most not so worthy post you’d read on Amebopedia, but hey what is the big deal. We all should play once in a while.So in the spirit of being playful, we present some of the best Blah blah and Blah meme on Twitter and from around the web.

We trust you’d enjoy them but if you don’t, well, sorry there is so little i can do to help you there.

And here we go again with the same……

Blah blah blah meme

Enough with the blah blah blah.


1. When you know the true story but you let them go on like blah blah and blah.

When you know the true story but you let them go on like blah blah and blah

2. Don’t we all make that weird claim?

I don’t need friends!


3. Lmao… That moment you have to read alot of BS on the internet…. 


4. And some classic Blah to the Blah

5. Here is some Scooby Doo blah

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6. Janelloween serves us some GOT blah and she is making sense, a lot of sense!

7. No blah blah blah meme collection would be complete without the mention of Donald J. Trump, and his supporters.

8. Love, Friendship, partnership and …….

9. Politicians are the king of the blah vibes, it’s a shame Justin Trudeau had to make this list though. But who gives a F#$%.

10. The political class won’t stop with this Blah shit.

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11. And the award of the best Blah blah blah meme goes to…..

12. Can’t wait for Toyota and Honda to get into the Electric Vehicle business either, the blah blah blah about Tesla from the privileged few would definitely end.

This interior though!

13. You would only understand this if you’ve had to call customer care, they never disappoint with this nonsense.

14. All i hear is……


15. And If you think this post is about you, i have one simple request to ask of you….



blah-blah-blah meme

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Blah Blah Blah Meme: The Funniest & the Not So Cool

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Funny Quiz Questions You Will Probably Fail

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